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Each A Cup @ Mall Artha Gading
Type of Cuisine Bubble Tea | Permit Halal

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  • Assam Black Tea

    Assam Black Tea

  • Cappuccino


  • Caramel Coffee

    Caramel Coffee

  • Caramel Milk Tea

    Caramel Milk Tea

  • Chocolate Snowshake

    Chocolate Snowshake

  • Chrysanthemum Tea

    Chrysanthemum Tea

  • Coffee Milk Tea

    Coffee Milk Tea

  • Cranberry Apple Fruit Tea

    Cranberry Apple Fruit Tea

  • Earl Grey Milk Tea

    Earl Grey Milk Tea

  • Hazelnut Coffee

    Hazelnut Coffee

  • Hazelnut Milk Tea

    Hazelnut Milk Tea

  • Honey Milk Tea

    Honey Milk Tea

  • Honeydew Snowshake

    Honeydew Snowshake

  • Ice Cream Coffee

    Ice Cream Coffee

  • Ice Cream Milk Tea

    Ice Cream Milk Tea

  • Latte


  • Lemon Green Tea with Grass Jelly

    Lemon Green Tea with Grass Jelly

  • Matcha Red Bean

    Matcha Red Bean

  • Milk Tea 3 Brothers

    Milk Tea 3 Brothers

  • Milo


  • Mocha Coffee

    Mocha Coffee

  • Oolong Milk Tea Pearl

    Oolong Milk Tea Pearl

  • Oolong Milk Tea Plain

    Oolong Milk Tea Plain

  • Oreo Milk Tea

    Oreo Milk Tea

  • Passion Fruit Green Tea

    Passion Fruit Green Tea

  • Peach Oolong Tea

    Peach Oolong Tea

  • Peppermint Milk Tea

    Peppermint Milk Tea

  • Roasted Milk Tea

    Roasted Milk Tea

  • Rose Lychee Black Tea

    Rose Lychee Black Tea

  • Strawberry Snowshake

    Strawberry Snowshake

  • Strawberry Milk Tea

    Strawberry Milk Tea

  • Taro Milk Tea

    Taro Milk Tea

  • Vanilla Snowshake

    Vanilla Snowshake

A home grown Singapore brand, Each-a-cup products originate from Taiwan (trading initially under Healthy 2000 & awarded the ``Gold Medalist`` by the Taiwan Consumer Association). Since 1999, in the face of fierce competition, we are one of the few established bubble tea brands that stands humbly & flourish with the support of our regulars.

It all started out during Singapore`s first ever bubble tea culture boom, with Chairman Michael Chua and two other founders opening our first store at The Centrepoint along Orchard Road, the most popular shopping belt in Singapore. They have never looked back since & years of development have brought us to become a well known bubble tea brand in Singapore as well as Malaysia, with further international ambitions. We specialize in a large variety of Fresh Tea, Ice Blended, Smoothies, Yoghurt Drinks, Snow Shakes, Coffee & Creative Fresh Juices.

Being innovative & constantly creating new unique drinks with our Taiwanese Tea Consultants make us the brand of choice with young & mature consumers alike. Living up to our reputation of being the ``Old guard`` of bubble tea in Singapore, in year 2011, we have first launched the latest revolutionary concept of ``Each-a-Brew`` from Taiwan

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