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Boba Inc @ FX Senayan
Type of Cuisine Bubble Tea | Permit Halal

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  • Fresh Tea

    Fresh Tea

  • Milk Tea

    Milk Tea

  • Coffee


  • Fresh Milk

    Fresh Milk

  • Black Tea

    Black Tea

  • Lychee


  • Matcha


  • Matcha Milk Tea

    Matcha Milk Tea

  • Chocolate Milk Tea

    Chocolate Milk Tea

  • Vanilla Milk Tea

    Vanilla Milk Tea

  • Marsmallow Milk Tea

    Marsmallow Milk Tea

  • Taro Milk Tea

    Taro Milk Tea

  • Hot Capuccino

    Hot Capuccino

  • Black Sugar Fresh Milk

    Black Sugar Fresh Milk

  • Hazelnut Milk Tea With Honey Boba

    Hazelnut Milk Tea With Honey Boba

  • Wintermelon Tea With Grass Jelly

    Wintermelon Tea With Grass Jelly

  • Matcha Milk Tea With Small Boba

    Matcha Milk Tea With Small Boba

  •  Black Sugar Latte With Small Boba

    Black Sugar Latte With Small Boba

  • Lime Tea With Ice Jelly

    Lime Tea With Ice Jelly

  • Passion Fruit Tea With Nata De Coco

    Passion Fruit Tea With Nata De Coco

At Boba Inc. we are passionate in serving each and every cup to customers in their own unique way. That’s why we offer more than “350” combination of drinks and toppings. With these much varieties, we vow that every cup of Boba drink is made and served to perfection and of utmost quality.
Our tea and coffee bases are brewed fresh twice a day, using only the highest quality ingredients that are handpicked from the best regions and best harvest time of the year.
Our range of toppings and juice extracts are made out of fresh ingredients, containing the full goodness of natural vitamins and minerals. Every cup of Boba drinks are made and served to perfection, full of personality unlike anything you've ever tasted before!

Status OPEN
Delivery by Klik-Eat
Phone 97304472/94227070/085770631688/083896028451
FX Lifestyle Xnter FB-K2
Delivery Charge & Time
Rp. 18,000. -
Delivery Area
-  Sudirman
-  Bendungan Hilir
-  Karet
-  Senopati
-  Blok M
-  Gatot Subroto
-  Senayan
-  Dharmawangsa
Opening Hours
Mon 10:00 - 21:00
Tue 10:00 - 21:00
Wed 10:00 - 21:00
Thu 10:00 - 21:00
Fri 10:00 - 21:00
Sat 10:00 - 21:00
Sun 10:00 - 21:00
Budi Wicaksono
posted on Friday
05 September 2014
at 14 : 34 : 05
nyam nyam .,.. enaaakkk
Serevina Falerina
posted on Friday
15 November 2013
at 14 : 49 : 04
love the capucino :)
posted on Saturday
26 October 2013
at 16 : 47 : 53
Matcha milk tea with mini boba is highly recommended! The downside is their mini boba can be too sweet. Order the less-sugar option.
posted on Friday
14 June 2013
at 10 : 31 : 38
Love the almond milk tea!!
posted on Tuesday
19 March 2013
at 15 : 59 : 55
passion fruit is very recommend.
Boba Loverzz
posted on Wednesday
29 August 2012
at 15 : 07 : 56
Best drinks I've ever had. Better than Cha Time, Calais, or addict tea. especially the hazelnut milk tea and fresh milk black sugar. Lovin' IT!!!!
posted on Friday
24 August 2012
at 18 : 23 : 17
taro milk tea nya enak siy tp ko ada something yg kurang coba kalo toppingnya ada oreo mungkin lebih gigit.. hehe..
Saskia Mantiri
posted on Tuesday
20 March 2012
at 14 : 19 : 34
Only took me one try to be addicted to this. There are a lot of bubble tea franchises and shops open already but this one stands out from the rest! Must try to anyone who has a sweet tooth. The marshmallow is ah-mazing!
Jessica Irene
posted on Thursday
01 March 2012
at 23 : 50 : 49
Bestest bubble tea in town! Addicted to order almost everyday. Tried oolong milk tea with egg pudding, super yummm!!
Erik T
posted on Tuesday
28 February 2012
at 07 : 26 : 01
Cobain BlackSugar Fresh Milknya sama Hazelnut Milk Teanya! Highly recommended
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